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Goodbye print on the wall

She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. She had chosen a simple but stylish black dress that was slightly clingy—just a hint of sexy, but still appropriate for the occasion. Underneath she was wearing lingerie, but he would never know.  This was going to be their last meeting. It wasn’t her choice, but she knew it had to happen. She wanted so desperately to continue seeing him, but she knew she could not,

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The League

selective focus photography of boy wearing black Batman cape

Henry Russell was an ordinary enough man who liked to blend in. Life had been good to Henry. He had a nice apartment in the good part of town, had lots of friends and had parents who were wealthy enough to help him out financially when he needed it. Everything was moving along nicely in his life until he lost his job a year ago. He hadn’t been able to find work since then, despite spending a good portion of

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The Habit of Writing

shallow focus photography of pencil on book

I don’t think there is anything more intimidating in my world then the blank page when I want to start writing something. The blank page is a reminder of how poorly I think I write, of how what I want to write about isn’t important enough to spend the time and energy on actually writing it and shouldn’t I be doing something, anything else? This fear and intimidation comes with any piece I try to write, but is most prevalent

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assorted magazine lot on white and blue container

My birthday was yesterday and my family got me a record player and a few albums as a gift. Little did anyone in my family know, but this was something I had been contemplating diving into for quite some time. But as is the norm for me, as I started my research, I started by looking at high-end equipment which was priced way out of my comfort zone. So I would just spend a couple of hours looking and reading

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Continual Learning

Spider-Man leaning on concrete brick while reading book

One of the things that has stuck with me during my adult years, is that I enjoy learning. While I never went to college or university full time in my younger years, I have always enjoyed learning and have continued to take courses based on my interests as well as courses that will help my career. The joy of learning started for me in junior high and has been an integral part of my DNA as an adult. With my

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My blog has a new address

For those of you keeping score at home, I have once again changed up my personal blog. Why you ask? Well the simple explanation is I sold my business domain ( as I wasn’t going to be able to commit the time to the project that I wanted to. I had an interested buyer, so I thought why not sell it to him. So I did. So why did I change my personal blog to this new address? I have

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