The Habit of Writing

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I don’t think there is anything more intimidating in my world then the blank page when I want to start writing something. The blank page is a reminder of how poorly I think I write, of how what I want to write about isn’t important enough to spend the time and energy on actually writing it and shouldn’t I be doing something, anything else? This fear and intimidation comes with any piece I try to write, but is most prevalent

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Continual Learning

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One of the things that has stuck with me during my adult years, is that I enjoy learning. While I never went to college or university full time in my younger years, I have always enjoyed learning and have continued to take courses based on my interests as well as courses that will help my career. The joy of learning started for me in junior high and has been an integral part of my DNA as an adult. With my

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My blog has a new address

For those of you keeping score at home, I have once again changed up my personal blog. Why you ask? Well the simple explanation is I sold my business domain ( as I wasn’t going to be able to commit the time to the project that I wanted to. I had an interested buyer, so I thought why not sell it to him. So I did. So why did I change my personal blog to this new address? I have

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