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One of the things that has stuck with me during my adult years, is that I enjoy learning. While I never went to college or university full time in my younger years, I have always enjoyed learning and have continued to take courses based on my interests as well as courses that will help my career. The joy of learning started for me in junior high and has been an integral part of my DNA as an adult.

With my being re-structured out of my last job and the COVID-19 situation, I have had plenty of time to brush up on some skills and learn some new ones. These days all of my learning seems to be focused on website development, and the underlying technologies required to be an effective web developer.

In addition to learning, I realized a few years ago that I also love teaching. I spent a few years teaching WordPress and a few other web technology topics at George Brown College in Toronto, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One of the things I enjoyed most was building curriculum for courses. While this was very new and somewhat difficult for me, I came away with a sense of pride when I finally got to the point where I was satisfied with the finished product.

I’ve also tried my hand at online learning through a course I published on the Udemy platform. While I enjoyed the process of creating and recording the site content, I missed the immediate feedback and discussion that comes with teaching in a classroom. While the course was somewhat successful, I didn’t feel like I was actually teaching.

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So where does this leave me? While I have been taking in as much learning as my brain can handle, I’ve also been looking into the possibility of creating new courses. Online learning (or e-learning as it is sometimes referred to) has evolved tremendously since I uploaded my course onto a third-party platform a few years ago. Now a teacher can create a course and publish it on their own platform, and add functionality like office hours, forums and other tools to help somewhat recreate the experience of being in a physical classroom.

I think this is the direction I am going to head in as a side project and hopefully re-ignite the enjoyment I get from learning and teaching.The biggest hurdle now is getting my act together with what I want to teach and start constructing the curriculum. Hopefully, I’ll get inspired and also help a few people learn something new.

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